FC 220-500 DSB

FC DSB is a 220-500 l self-loading drop spreader designed for compact tractors and loaders. The hydraulic or 12V elctric spreader can be mounted on front/back of the vehicle and is perfect for parking lots, courtyards, walkways and pedestrian paths. The spreader is designed for spreading salt, sand and fine gravel.

The drop spreader is controlled by our StrikeSmart™  Smartphone App (phone included) via a Bluetooth link with the spreader and features both GPS speed control and our Htrack™ 2-way GPRS tracking/control system as a standard feature.


  • Hydraulic or 12V power source
  • Top screen prevents rocks and big material
    chunks from getting into the hopper


  • FICON Control options
    • Bluetooth (wireless) StrikeSmart™ SmartPhone Control with automatic GPS speed control and HTrack™ tracking system
    • StrikeSmart™ CAN-BUS Control with automatic GPS speed control and HTrack™ tracking system
  • Smartphone controller holder
  • LED rear light kit.
  • Self-loading design