Ficon Oy is known for it’s excellent quality and customer satisfaction. We are an expert in the field of real estate management and road maintenance equipment, and our products are designed for professional use as well as for heavy loads.


FC diesel pressure washers are well suited for e.g. washing streets, yards, garbage shelters, vehicles and roofs. There are plenty of different nozzles available for different purposes, such as weed control, washing floors and ceilings, and removing dirt and paint. The diesel engine is HVO100 compatible

The automatic throttle control lowers the engine speed to idle when not washing to save fuel.
The pressure washer is equipped with ZERO -pressure regulating valve which makes the system depressurized when washing is finished.


Weed control with hot water, purely without toxins.

The modern way to control weeds is to control with hot water that minimizes damage to nature and the surfaces. The work is simple, start the high pressure washer and start working. The mobile high-pressure washer is easy to move from place to place in a van, on a trailer or on a pickup car. FC Pressure washers is the right tool for professional property managers, you get an efficient high-pressure washing and weed control in the same package. Both ecologically and economically.



  • Tank PE-HD 350 – 800 L, partitioned with floating plates.
  • 250 Bar / 25 L/min, Hawk pressure pump.
  • Kubota 18,5 kW diesel engine, electric start. (HVO100 compatible)
  • Water heating capacity 80 – 93 kW, max. 140 ° C.
  • Hose reel 20 – 50 m, spring return.
  • Wash Gun with quick coupling
  • Double nozzle tube stainless steel 1000 mm.
  • By pass -function, return to tank
  • Water level sensor, automatic stop when tank is empty.
  • The washing unit has a powder painted steel body.
  • The washing unit is a unit that can be moved with fork tines.
  • Weight: 420 kg
  • Dimensions (with 500 L standard tank): 1270 x 1620 x 1100 mm (W x L x H)