FC 380 SS

The 380 liter spreader is built to meet the requirements of the UTV and European light-pickup segment. Thanks to the convenient size of the spreader, it fits most kinds of small machines, like utility vehicles, tool carriers and mini-loaders. This device is perfect for spreading at parking lots, courtyards, walkways and pedestrian paths.

The high quality stainless steel hopper body guarantees a long lasting corrosion-free use. The hopper surface is easy to clean and maintain, and provides a smooth material flow. The spreader is designed for spreading bulk sand and gravel, bulk/bag salt, sand-salt mixes and fertilisers. Can optionally be equipped with pre-wet kit.


  • HTrack tracking system
  • Controller with automatic GPS speed control adjusts the amount of spreading material (g/m²)  according to your vehicle speed
  • A 12-volt motor is mounted inside a sealed weather-resistant enclosure and requires no
    pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains.
  • Automatic vibrator prevents bridging and de-icing material from clogging by shaking the
    inverted Vee.
  • The 65 mm stainless steel auger gives you an even flow of material to the spinner.
  • Inverted-Vee helps reduce heavy start-up loads on the auger. All in stainless steel.
  • Two-piece tarp mechanism prevents spillage off into truck bed when filling the spreader.
  • Top screen prevents rocks and big material chunks from getting into the hopper
  • Flip-up stainless steel chute.


  • License plate kit and rear light
  • Beacon warning-light
  • LED-work light
  • Pre-wet salt liquid kit; nozzles, pump, tank
  • Leg stand
  • End of material alarm sensor