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The FC Hot Box is a mobile water heater unit for high pressure and flow. You can choose between 12V / 24V and 230V. The heater is equipped with a own fuel tank, stepless temperature control and with a frame equipped with wheels.

Easy to connect to a pressure washer unit with M22 connectors.

  • Pressure 20-250 Bar, Water flow rate max. 25 L/min
  • Operating voltage 230V/ 12V or 24V
  • Water heating power 90 kW, Max. 140°
  • Control unit (thermostat, flame control, hour meter, warning light)
  • Fuel tank 18 L
  • Weight 78 kg
  • Dimensions: width 600 mm, depth 770 mm and height 880 mm
  • The pot and the outer shell are made of stainless steel, the body is made of flame-painted steel and the spiral is made of 3/8″ steel pipe.