Snow plows for pickups, tractors and UTVs for professionals and tough conditions. Made in Finland.


Ficon Oy is known for it’s excellent quality and customer satisfaction. We are an expert in the field of real estate and road maintenance equipment. Our products are made for professional use as well as for heavy loads.

The FICON Quick Attachement makes it possible to remove and attache the snow plow in less than a minute and the unique frame structure gives you the best plow angle and experience on the market.


The V2300E Snow Plow for pickups is made of high-strength steel and its structure is made to meet the toughest requirements for pickup snow plows. The spring-loaded steel blades or the flexible and quiet urethane blades guarantee a comfortable and high-quality plowing experience.

With the V -shaped plow it is possible to collect and move the snow easily and fast to increase efficiency on the worksites. The V2300E pickup V-plow is our best seller model in Europe.


Quick attachment

The plow should be easy to remove and put on, so as not to have to drive around with the plow when it is not needed. The FC snow plows are attached to the car with easy quick attachment. The attachment of the plow takes place in even under a minute.

The unique push-down and float function

All our plows are equipped with a hydraulic push-down function that pushes the plow down to make the result better. The most efficient push-down function on the market enables the best plow result and the function can be used without time limit. The floating function allows the plow to float along the ground surface with its own weight, then the plow follows the unevenness of the ground and the plowing becomes more comfortable.

The market’s largest angle of inclination

The large 8 ° angle of inclination makes the result better and smoother. It reduces resistance, noise and bumps on the car.