Ficon Oy is known for it’s excellent quality and customer satisfaction. We are an expert in the field of real estate management and road maintenance equipment, and our products are designed for professional use as well as for heavy loads.


The mobile, compact and electric FC 350 / 500 Weed Control Unit for weed control is the perfect choice for safe, fast and environmentally friendly work. The unit is easy to lift on a flatbed, in a van or trailer. Thanks to electric operation, the device is silent, and fights weeds with only hot water, completely without toxins and chemicals.

The device is controlled and adjusted with a modern smartphone app, smartphone is included in the package. The integrated 350 / 500 L water tank guarantees undisturbed work for several hours.

The HTrack positioning software license is included in the price, and for a small monthly fee you can track where and when the device has been in use.

Package includes:

  • Smartphone with a pre-installed operating application
  • 20 M hose reel
  • Washing gun with quick connector
  • WD-1 Weed Control Nozzle Tube
  • 12 V electric pump
  • anti-calcification system
  • water heating boiler, diesel-powered
  • 20 L fuel tank for the heating boiler
  • frame that can be moved with forklift tines