Snow plows for pickups, tractors and UTVs for professionals and tough conditions. Made in Finland.


Ficon Oy is known for it’s excellent quality and customer satisfaction. We are an expert in the field of real estate management and road maintenance equipment, and our products are designed for professional use as well as for heavy loads. With the quick mount, the plow can be attached or detached from the car in as little as a minute.

FC 1650 – 2600 VTR

The FC 1650-2600 straight blade and V-plow for tractors and loaders are designed with a heavy duty box construction for hard winter conditions, and fits compact tractors and loaders with a total weight of 2,5 – 5 ton.

The curved, powder-coated blade is made of high-strength steel, which in this case is the key to our durable but light plow. The adjustable two-segment cutting edge is available in polyurethane or high-strength steel .


  • Cutting edge in two segments with trip springs
    protects the plow and tractor when striking curbs
    or other obstacles . The trip springs on one side of
    the cutting edge will be compressed when hitting
    an obstacle, while the other cutting-edge segment
    stays on the ground.
  • Adjustable attacking angle.
  • Curved blade for optimal snow-rolling effect.
  • Blade tilts and oscillates while plowing on
    uneven ground for a cleaner scrape (6°)
  • Double acting cylinders



  • Electric valve
  • Pressure accumulator
  • lED edge-markers
  • Custom mountings
  • Poly snow deflecto